Michael Bilokonsky is the CEO and President of Whitehorse Freight, a no-nonsense freight solutions provider located in Bellevue, Kentucky.

Michael Bilokonsky


Michael Bilokonsky is the CEO and President of Whitehorse Freight. Michael grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and went to high school in Cleveland.  From there Mr. Bilokonsky went to West Virginia University where he earned a degree in Physical Education.  From an early age Michael Bilokonsky planned to be a Physical Education teacher and high school football coach.  


After graduating college in 2010 however, there were no openings for teachers at any of the High Schools in his area.  Michael took a position at a mega logistics company and continued to work there for the next five years.  During his time there Michael was eager to learn about trucking and logistics.  It was always his dream to start his own company.  After gaining enough knowledge in the industry and now having a strong understanding of logistics brokering, he was able to launch his company Whitehorse Freight on November 2, 2015.  

Michael Bilokonsky
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Michael Bilokonsky